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Open a gallery – Start your art gallery xxx

We  are  looking forward to business partners, start-ups, cooperation…
In the twenty years of our existence we have met so many exceptional and talented artists whose pictures we cannot sell on our own. The artists alone deserve to have their works sold. For this we need your help.

The gallery art4berlin offers you a cooperation.
The concept is suitable for those outside the industry and also as a 2nd art gallery, business concept, business start-up.

The basic definition of our art concept is based on a simple principle:
Making art affordable without sacrificing individuality, quality, authenticity and beauty in the sense of the term art.

You don’t have to sell our paintings – you just have to show them.
We have been on the road to success with our art concept since 1990.


You enjoy art and aesthetics and can imagine opening a gallery…

“ Our gallery:

Business concept art gallery – art trade
Art gallery, business start-up, art trade
Open a gallery: How does it work?
Art dealer, gallery owner – a profession with a future!

Are you passionate about modern art, large-format painting? You want to be your own boss, not start from „scratch“ and rely on established know-how with an inspiring brand? You like to work and are enthusiastic about long-term success?

You can and want to invest enthusiastically in your professional independence and have some equity?

Do you like to surround yourself with beautiful things?

Do you enjoy enthusiastic customers?